Saturday, June 29, 2013

11 Months


I know I say this every time I update this blog but I can’t believe how fast everything has flown by. The girls have been walking now for almost 2 months and it feels like just yesterday we brought these little terrorists angels home.

Here are the girls stats from their last doctor appointment:

Emily  IMG_8738 E

Weight: 22.27 lbs. (89th %tile)

Height: 2 ft. 4.5 in (50th %tile)

Hannah IMG_8761 H 

Weight: 21.61 lbs. (84th %tile)

Height: 2 ft. 3.4 in (11th %tile)

The girls have been very busy with play dates and pool time. We went to a music class for the first time yesterday. They got to play little instruments, dance and clap along to the music. They LOVED it! It was pretty cool to see them interact with other kids. I was so proud of them. We’re going to bring Daddy along for the next class.


Our friends daughter, Claire with the girls. Emmy left; Hannah right in both above pics

IMG_8707 EIMG_8714 H

Emmy left; Hannah right

Speaking of Daddy… Jason celebrated his first father’s day this month. He’s such an awesome dad. Always playing with the girls and helping me out. We are very lucky girls!

IMG_1925IMG_1931 HLER

I honestly don’t know who’s who in the left pic (it happens)

Above right pic: Hannah left; Emily right

DAD Collage 2

Jason’s father’s day gift. Emily left; Hannah right

The girls are becoming very vocal. By vocal, I mean screaming at the top of their lungs when they want something or when someone steals a toy away. Oh, we’re working on sharing too. With not sharing comes temper tantrums and shaking heads no and their new personal favorite…biting.  Oh Lord, help us!

IMG_1858 HLERIMG_1898 E

Left pic: Hannah left; Emily right    Right Pic: Hannah bit Emily for stealing her toy

As you can see from the laundry basket picture above, sometimes I have to get creative at playtime to keep the girls happy. Their favorite is when I make a pillow pile.

IMG_8639 ELHRIMG_8645  HLERIMG_8650 EIMG_8655 H

Emily is in purple, Hannah in red.

They are becoming girly girls, much to Jason’s dismay. They love wearing headbands and dresses.

IMG_1889 HIMG_1890 E

Hannah left; Emily right. They both have my lazy eye. Sorry girls.

They learned how to clink their sippy cups and say “cheers!”

Here are the girls dancing.


That’s about all for now. We’ll be home next week to celebrate their first birthday a little early.

IMG_1892 E

Emily wants YOU to have a great day!

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