Monday, January 14, 2013

Twin Update–5ish Months


Ok, I know the twins aren’t 6 months old yet but – close enough!

We’ve been really busy this past month with trips home for my Dad’s 60th birthday and Christmas. While we love going home, it’s exhausting! The girls usually don’t sleep very well and every time we’ve gone home we come back sick. This time we all had colds. (yuck!)

Our first Christmas with the girls was good. I’m sure they will just get better and better.


IMG_1024 H IMG_3008

This past month they have been growing like crazy. Here are their stats from their check-up last week:

Emily:                                              Hannah:

Weight: 15 lbs. 7 oz. (42%)        Weight:  15 lbs. (33%)

Height:  2 ft. 0.8 in (17%)          Height:  2 ft. 0.6 in (12%)

Head Cir: 17 in (66%)                Head Cir: 17 in (80%)

They got their second round of immunizations at that appointment and they did really well with those. Next appointment is in March.


Hannah has been scooting / flopping around for a couple of weeks now. Everyday she gets a little faster & further than the day before. I’m really in for it when they both starting crawling!

Emily tries really hard but usually ends up going backwards instead of forward. I know she’ll get it soon though. If she sees something she really wants she can go forward.

Here is a little video we took of the girls racing toward my cell phone. They love our phones and iPad. Whenever they see them, they drop whatever they are doing and make a B-line for the expensive little devices.


They have been eating real food for a couple of weeks now. They love sweet potatoes and squash. We’re still working on carrots and peas.

IMG_8214 HIMG_8220 E

Hannah                                   Emily


While we were home for Christmas, they starting sitting up on their own. Now they will sit and play with their toys for minutes at a time…until they crash.

IMG_8208 ELHRIMG_8212 ELHRIMG_8233 ELHR Emmy left / Hannah right on all above

(Holding hands…Ah they melt my heart!)

Well, that’s about everything that’s new with the twins. Jason and I are doing well. He’s keeping very busy at work and I’m still loving staying at home with the girls. Hardest job I’ve ever had but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I’ll leave you with some other fun pics from the last month.


IMG_8183 EIMG_8205 H

Emmy                                                                    Hannah

IMG_8226 HIMG_8249 ELHR

Hannah                                                                     Emily left / Hannah right

IMG_8252 HIMG_8254 E

Hannah                                                                   Emily



Love and miss you all!

Laura, Jason, Emily & Hannah