Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Nursery

Now that the girls are 4 weeks away (yikes!) I figured I better finish the nursery in case they decide to come early. I wanted to stay with a gender neutral theme because I'm not really into the overly girly / pink explosion / pretty princess look. Looking at our registry we discovered that without realizing it, we had picked out things with a safari theme. PERFECT! What little kid doesn't like animals? Plus, the walls of the nursery were already tan and I did not want to paint and if you'll rememer from my previous post, Jason has done enough painting in the basement to last him a lifetime.

We bought our crib & changing table a couple of months ago and they been sitting in the boxes until we finished the basement. The day after we moved the furniture into the basement we started on the nursery. Jason was very excited...

We've decided to only use one crib for now because we've heard that twins sleep better together. It makes sense. They've been side by side for the first 9 months of their lives. Why not spend a few more months together?

We were planning on buying a wall decal that said "Born Together ~ Friends Forever" but I was lazy and also didn't want to spend the money on it so we settled for some wall decals to match the bedding we found at Target. I'm so happy with the end result.

As you can see, their closet is quickly filling up with "stuff." I can't wait to read all those books to my girls!
Finally, my awesome co-workers gave us this toy box that was hand painted to match our safari themed room and FILLED with toys, clothes, books and other goodies for our girls. We are truly blessed to know such wonderful people.

Well, there you have it. Now we just need our two little Jayhawks to make their entrance into this world...but not for a couple of weeks please. :)

Final Preperations for the Twins

Life has been moving so fast lately. We have finished the basement, almost finished the nursery, made one last trip back home for a couple of months, and even caught a Royals game all while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the twins.

In my last post, I showed the progress we had made in the basement. I'm very happy to report that we are finally finished. Well, almost finished. Jason, God love him, hates painting and was very nervous about edging the wall paint next to the ceiling. He did a great job but there are a few spots where wall paint got on the ceiling. An easy fix, but we are a little burnt out on painting so that will get done when it gets done. A couple of Jason's coworkers came over to help us paint. Mary Kay has been a total blessing to us. She has triplets and has given us lots of great advice. She's also an excellent painter and offered to help edge the living room so Jason wouldn't have to.

The carpet was installed and unfortunately the installers had to come back and fix a few seams that were very visible. The fixed most of them but there are still a few that you can see. It's disappointing that they didn't fix all of them but, I hate to say it, we were tired of working on the basement and just wanted to move the furniture in and be done with it. So we did. Fingers crossed that decision doesn't come back to bite us later on down the road...

A huge thank you to Jason's coworker, Brian, that helped us paint and move furniture (twice.)
 Living Room

 Guest Bedroom
 Office (I love the built-in bookshelf)

I love how each room turned out. The bedroom and office have plenty of space and the living room is very roomy. It would be even more spacious without our huge sectional but we didn't want to spend any more money and it's really comfy so it's staying put for now. The bathroom is huge! I'm sure our future house guests will appreciate having a full bathroom all to themselves.

We are enjoying the basement living room on these hot summer nights and can't wait for our family to come stay with us when the girls arrive.