Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Months

Hello all!

The girls are now 7 months old and are into EVERYTHING. While I'm pulling Hannah down from trying to climb onto one coffee table, Emily is off crawling into the kitchen trying to climb up the chairs in there. They definitely keep us on our toes.

Both girls got their two bottom teeth in about a month ago. I still haven't been able to get a good picture of them but believe me, they're there.

Teething, combined with colds lead to some sleepless nights but I think we are getting back to normal. Last night the girls went down at 8:00 pm and woke up at 5:00 am for a bottle and were back down right away until 8:00 am. They usually take two 1.5 hr naps during the day and a quick cat nap in the early evening. This is when Jason and I inhale our dinner.

The girls are eating very well, as you can tell by their big rolls. The only thing we've tried that they still don't like is peas but I'm not giving up on those just yet.

Chow Time

They both love bath time. Now that they can sit up on their own, we bathe them together. They love to splash and steal each other's toys.

They are starting to play with each other more now and it's just so darn cute to watch. Yesterday they were sticking their fingers in each other's mouths and giggling. When they eat they like to hold hands. In the morning if one wakes up before the other, she'll stand up in her crib and bang her hand against the railing of the other's crib until she wakes up. Then they stand in their corners and play and talk to each other. It's so cool to see that bond between them already.

Emily is starting to wave "hi" and has such an easy smile. She'll smile at anything and anyone.  She crawls around but you have to really coax her to get her to crawl a long distance. She'll pull herself up on the couch, chairs and tables and she LOVES to eat. She'll eat just about anything. (That's my girl!)

Emily doing the splits.
Emmy looks a little bored.

Hannah is still our little busy body. Crawling around everywhere and getting into everything. She's fearless. She'll pull herself up on anything (sturdy or not) and lets go, falls down, and gets right back up again. Sometimes I think she'd rather be playing than eating but she's not too pick of an eater.

Somehow Hannah fell asleep this way.

Hannah going after the dog's toy.

We go in for their 3rd round of immunizations in a couple of weeks. We plan on being home for Easter. Love and miss you all!

Emily left - Hannah right
Emily left - Hannah right