Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making room for the babies

When we found out we were having twins there were a few things we knew were going to have to change.The first was that we had to get Jason a different car. A few months after we got married, Jason decided it was time to get rid of his quarter life crisis car, a Nisson 350Z like this...

for a more "Kansas weather friendly" 2 door Honda Accord like this...
Not too different, right? Still sporty & powerful.  I tried to convince him the smarter choice would be a 4 door since he said this would be the last car he buys for a while. That was my not-so-subtle way of saying I wanted to start a family in a few years and putting a car seat in a 2 door car would not be fun. I specifically remember him saying "No, it won't be that bad."  Not even one hour after finding out we were having twins Jason admitted he needed a different car. So about a week later he found one he liked. Guess what it was.

That's right. It's the exact same car I told him to get. A 4 door Honda Accord. As soon as we signed the papers I got to say something I've been waiting two years to say. "I TOLD YOU SO!" Oh, it felt so good to say that!

The next change was slightly bigger and more expensive. We had to finish the basement in our new home. We were eventually going to finish it but we decided that with the twins on the way we would need a little more living space. Our current guest bedroom upstairs is going to be the nursery and the other room upstairs is a little too small to be a bedroom and we've been using it as an office and it works great. We want our family to be able to stay with us when they come to visit so a guest bedroom is a must. 

Since the basement wasn't finished, we could pretty much do whatever we wanted. We talked to a few contractors and finally decided on one we liked with a floor plan that was exactly what we wanted. Here's what we started out with.

The utility area is right in the middle of the basement which created a little problem when deciding on a floor plan but we're pretty happy with what we designed. Another weird feature of our basement is the John Deer garage. Pretty much every house up in this area has one and I love it. It's a small garage on the back of your house where you can store all your crap. You know, your lawn mower, freezer, bikes, etc. so that your real garage only stores your cars. Genius!! Right now ours is storing all of our basement furniture and unpacked boxes.

Yes, after six months I'm still not completely unpacked. Give me a break! I've been busy growing two humans!!

On April 2nd Phillip (our contractor) showed up and started framing. I always have a hard time making out the rooms before the actual walls are up. But for those of you who have no problems seeing rooms without walls...

A couple of days later, the dry wall went up and Jason started painting!

Our contractor will be done tomorrow and we just have some touch up painting to do and carpet to install. Another update and more pictures will be coming soon!