Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update - 3 months

Ok so this update is a little old but better late than never, right?

Hannah learned how to roll from her back to her stomach at three months and about a week or so later Emily did it too. It's like once they figured it out, that's all they wanted to do. Roll, roll, roll. :)  I have a video but it won't upload (DARNIT!!) Trust me, it's adorable. It's a proud mommy moment.

My parents came up on my birthday to watch the girls so Jason and I went out to eat.
Emily - Grandma Lane - Hannah 

Grandpa Lane snapping a picture of Emily

Grandpa & Hannah

Halloween was fun. We didn't dress them up this year. I know, I'm a boring mom. But costumes were expensive and they either had to be a pumpkin or a skeleton (I'm not creative enough to come up with something original.) But luckily their awesome Aunt Laura and Uncle David sent them Halloween outfits that were perfect!
Emily Left - Hannah Right
The rest of the month was spent playing at home with mom. They love to...
Sit in their Bumpo chairs and play with their toys.

Play on the floor with Cesar.

Read books.

 I finally got around to taking some nice pictures of the girls in their pumpkin hats that Grandma Beth got them.

Some other things that happened this month...
They got their first round of shots. 

They figured out where the tv is.

They found their toes (Emily)

They figured out how mommy's iphone camera works. (Hannah)

I'll post the 4 month update soon.  Hannah just woke up and she's hungry.
Love you all!!
~Laura, Jason, Emily & Hannah