Friday, April 27, 2012

And then there were two...

Jason joined me on my first appointment with my OB where we got to hear the heartbeat!

After my exam, my doctor said she wanted me to have a sonogram because she thought I was measuring a little bigger than she expected. I told her "as long as you don't add weeks onto my pregnancy, I'm fine." I was also excited because we were only scheduled to have one sonogram in our pregnancy and that wasn't going to be for another 9 weeks or so. A couple of days later, we went in to see our baby for the first time. When the sonographer began, she asked us if we were ready for our first baby. We both said yes then she said "Well, how about two babies?" Wait...what?

I couldn't believe it, but there they were, plain as day. If you're having trouble seeing them, Baby B is laying sideways with it's head under the "B" and it's butt is in Baby A's face. The sonographer told us that everything she said we wouldn't be able to remember...she was right. I remember nothing after she said there were two babies in there. I started crying immediately. I felt so blessed! Jason just laughed and held my hand. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen. One of the babies made a big movement and waved it's arm at us as if to say "Hi Mom & Dad!"

That was easily one of the most memorable moment of my life. The excitement of seeing my baby for the first time was was good enough. Then I find out that I've been blessed with two children and Jason was there right by my side... it still makes me tear up.

We didn't wait long to tell our family. In fact, Jason called his mom as we were waiting to talk to my doctor. He said "Well, you're going to have two grandbabies." and then his phone dropped the call. I'm sure she thought we were kidding but when we finally got a hold of her again we told her again and swore we weren't joking.

I called my dad at his work. I said "We were having twins!" and he said, "What? Hold on a second. I'll have to call you back." Seriously?  When he called back a minute later he said, "Now, tell me the truth." I said "I am! We're having twins!"  He was tickled.

My mom was the same. I knew she was going to be busy with the lunch rush soon so I wanted to tell her before she got too busy.  I couldn't think of anything clever to say so I just said "We're having twins!" She said "What? No way! Oh my God!" Then she proceeded to tell everyone at work. I knew word would spread fast now that mom knew so I called the rest of my family quickly.

I called my brother's wife, Kim and luckily, my brother and their kids were with her. I told her we just had our first sonogram and everything looked great. She said she was so excited for us to which I replied "You're going to be really excited for us now then because we are having twins." They all went nuts. My nephew Carson said "That's a LOT of diapers!"

Next up was my little sister, Katie. She knew we had our first sonogram today so she asked how it went and I started at the beginning and told her what the sonographer said (how about two babies) and she didn't believe me!! I had to tell her over and over that I wasn't kidding. I even had pictures to prove it. She said she'd believe it when she saw the pictures. I couple of hours later I emailed her the picture and she was still in shock.

It took me FOREVER to get a hold of my sister Sara. She's a teacher so I knew she would be in class and couldn't answer her cell phone so I called the school and asked if I could talk to her on her classroom phone. She answered right away and I apologized for interrupting. I told her everything was fine and I was calling because I had good news. After I told her she yelled "What? My sister's having TWINS!" and then I heard her whole class start cheering! That was awesome.

I feel really bad that I didn't call my little brother, Jon but I knew he would get in trouble if he answered his phone at school so I just let mom & dad tell him that night. I should have called him. That stinks. I feel like a bad sister..

I called my sister-in-law Laura and told her. She's always wanted to have twins so she was very excited for us. Her husband, David got a call from Jason. Now, if you know Jason at all you know that he jokes a lot so naturally, David thought he was kidding until he saw the picture. He said "Either you guys are really good a photoshop or you're really having twins."

Kevin & Kaylee had the same reaction. Jason told them that there were going to be two new babies instead of one and both of them thought that David & Laura were pregnant. It didn't even dawn on them that we were having twins.

Like the videos of us telling our family, I want to be able to share with the twins how our family reacted when they found out we were having twins. Forgive me if this goes on and on but 1.) We have a big family and 2.) each person's reaction is very special to us and I want to make sure I document all of their reactions while they are still fresh in my mind. 

As of today, I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Twelve more weeks and they will be here and we'll be making many, many more memories. I can't wait!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Start Spreadin' the News

I know that Christmas was months ago but I wanted to document us telling our families we were pregnant for the first time. Again, I think it would be cool to show this to our baby someday. I would have loved to be able to see my grandparents and aunts & uncle's reactions when my parents announced they were pregnant with me.

On Dec 23rd we headed home to celebrate Christmas with our families. We were home just 4 weeks earlier for Thanksgiving but this was the first time we'd been home since finding out we were pregnant. We were staying with my parents and I was so worried that I was going to be sick and they were going to suspect or even worse, ask me if I was pregnant before we had a chance to pull off our surprise. Luckily I was able to hide my morning sickness pretty well thanks to Jason sneaking a bowl of cereal downstairs for me.

First up on Christmas Eve was the Friedberg's. Ours will be the first grandchild in Jason's family and Jason's mom has been not-so-mildly hinting that she wants a grandchild for years now (yes, years) so we knew this was going to be a fun surprise.
This year we celebrated over at David & Laura's with a Mexican fiesta. We arrived around 9:00am to help make the food. I always have so much fun cooking with Laura. I feel like we've really become sisters over the past year. (love you Laura!) After eating our delicious meal we opened gifts. I bought a onesie that said "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's" for Jason's mom, Beth. We saved her gift until the very end so everyone would see her open it. What we didn't plan on was having the Chief's game on tv and them getting ready to kick the game-winning field goal right when she was opening the gift. Needless to say, none of the guys (except Jason) were paying attention to Beth's gift. :)

I could watch this video over and over! I love watching everyone's reaction. From Laura's "Eeee!!" to Kevin's "Uncle Kevin is in the building!" Everyone was so excited. I'll never forget it. We ended the day by playing the lottery game. This is a tradition in his family and last year Jason & I added a little twist to the game. Instead of just drawing numbers to see what lottery tickets you got we added charades that had to be performed before you could get your tickets. 

Next up was the Lane's. My parents always have a nice dinner after everyone goes to church on Christmas Eve night. This year, mom overdid herself once again and made prime rib. It was DELICIOUS! Last year Jason & I played the lottery game with my family for the first time and everyone seemed to enjoy it so we decided to play it again this year. Only this time, we rigged it so I would get a charade and that's how we would tell everyone we were expecting. I pulled up each grandkid along with my sister, Katie who was going to have her first child in 2 days. I pointed to each one in order of their birth and then pointed to my stomach, held up 5 fingers and waited for them to figure it out.

We also went over to both of my grandma's houses and told them. They were both so happy for us! It was so much fun telling everyone. It was a Christmas we'll never forget!