Monday, March 25, 2013

8 Month Update


Hello everyone! Is anyone else tired of this snow? I know, I know. “We need the moisture.” Yeah, well I need sunshine!  Come on Spring!!!

The girls are getting so big! Here are the stats from our last doctor appointment:

 IMG_8383 H

Hannah: 18 lbs. & 26 inches tall

IMG_8395 E

Emily: 19 lbs. & 26.5 inches tall


Emily left – Hannah right

Emily has learned so many things in the last month. It’s so cool to watch. She figured out how to clap St. Patrick’s day morning during church. She has also learned the sign language sign for “eat.” The girl likes to eat so she mastered that one pretty quickly. I’ve been trying to get video of it but I keep forgetting. (I’ll try harder this month) She’s also started to babble a little bit.

Hannah, on the other hand, is babbling a lot. She talks, then screams, then talks some more. “Da-da” is her word of choice. She’s still a little bit of a picky eater but she’s getting better. She’ll also waves “hi” with her chubby little hands.

Both still only have their two bottom teeth but we can tell the top two are coming in soon. They are chewing on everything in sight and aren’t sleeping well. I feel bad for the little sweeties. Growing up is tough work.

They also mastered the art of climbing stairs on the first try.

We got out of the house a couple of days last week and went for a walk in our new stroller courtesy of Grandma Lane.


Hannah left – Emily right

Their latest trick is walking behind their walker:


Hannah left – Emily right

Playing “Wheels on the Bus” on the iPad:


Hannah left – Emily right (do they always stand this way?)

Doing their best to eat us out of house and home:


I really should make my own baby food but…who has time for that?


Emily left – Hannah right

Mastering the extreme close-up self portrait with my cell phone:


Hannah (little stinker!)

Looking at family pictures and getting into literally everything they can find. They love to crawl through the tables in the living room.


Emily left – Hannah Right                   Hannah


Napping with Daddy:

IMG_8412 E


Hannah has started standing up on her own and I’m sure Emily isn’t far behind:

IMG_8399 H

I’m not sure what we’re going to do when they both start walking. Pray for us!!

We’ll be home this weekend to celebrate Easter.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and we’ll see you soon!

Oh and…


Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Go KU!!

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